Avicenna Medical Centre

Avicenna Medical Centre

Avicenna medical Centre at a glance...

Avicenna medical centre started on 2014 by iranian investors to help the health promotion puposes.we started with a GP clinic and added other facilities like physiothrapy, ultrasound scanning, nursing, electrocardiography, small surgery, vaccination and  pharmacy. We tried to provide the facilities of good quality with very good and reputable doctors. we believe on our responsibility to provide high standard medical services and we continue the same strategy after that.

Concerning to our social responsibility and our commitment to the clients, we recently opened a new setup called Avicenna Specialist centre. In this new section we provided cardiology department with the outpatient diagnostic facilities including echocardiography, stress exercise test, BP holter monitoring, ECG holter monitoring, Gynaecology clinic including Colposcopy, LEEP, biopsy, outpatient treatment and diagnosis, other specialties including physician specialist, urologist, ENT, General surgeon, Orthopaedic surgeon, Pediatrician, Psychologist, Neurosurgeon, and .... We also provided laboratory facilities in collaboration with Lancet clinical laboratory

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Avicenna Medical Center , 127, Ruth tailor Road, Borrowdale, Gunhill, Harare
Tel:+263 242 783 098-9